Fitting corporate photography to your corporate identity


Corporate photography plays an important and integral role in the success of a corporate business.
Photographs play  a vital role in how people perceive the image of your business and how you communicate your companies message to the world.

A strong corporate profile portrait will be used amongst many platforms including websites, magazines, brochures,  to social media platforms such as Facebook Business Pages and Linkedin. 

For us, corporate portrait photography involves more than taking pictures of men in suits in offices. They are numerous sorts of corporate photography styles, each depending on the client and the circumstances. Focus on lighting considerations is a must.

After consultation with our clients and definition of their needs, we use one of the following styles to create corporate photos, each one requiring a different skillset and technique:


  • Studio Portraits

Understanding and mastering lighting is the key to being a good studio photographer.

The advantage of studio portraiture is the ability to fully control the intensity and type of light that falls on your subject.

Studio photography enables us to have total control over the look of the image we are creating as we are able to modify the lights, the angle, the distance from the subject, and the light output.

Having all the equipment at armslength is very convenien as it multiplies the possibilities.

  • Outdoor Portraits

The advantage of outdoor portrait photography is that it can give a  better sense of place and is more natural and genuine than a studio photography. The downside is that we have far less control over the lighting.

By using multiple flashes, we manage to manipulate the light so that our  subject stands out of the scene. This effect has quite an impact at dusk.

When the scene is too bright compared to what we want to achieve, we look for shadows from trees or doorways. On top of adapted equipment like flash and diffusers, we always use whatever nature or the surroundings make available to to get the image we need.

Using a business-in-action shot can give more insight into your subject than portrait or headshot. Capturing an individual in action in his or her workplace can be fascinating to people outside their industry. The composition is to be defined first and then  the lighting considerations need to be worked out.

When we define where the subject will be situated and which element to highlight, we use a combination of natural light and flash to create a compelling portrait of the individual and  the business activity. We improve the photography by experimenting with diffused light, playing with light and shade to create an atmosphere .

  • Headshots

Headshots are the most common of corporate portraits due to the increased demand due to the popularity of online profiles such as Linkedin, Facebook and Google+.  

We can make your headshots stand out from the crowd by trying a different angle or lighting effect..We always look for ways to create an image with impact and incorporate some reference or symbol of the business. 

Fully aware that our subject will want the most flattering picture possible, our indepth knowledge of lighting is our best ally to fulffill his wishes.

  • Group Portraits

Photographying multiple subjects is tricky because you have more than one individual to focus on.We insure that everyone is in focus by keeping an eye on the aperture.

Chosing an appropriate space and lense is crucial: evrybody needs to be in the frame. We always prepare several lenses to ensure it fits the space.

For group picture, we shoot more than we would normally do. We ensure all our subjects present their best expressions at the very same moment and suitably illuminated, avoiding eyes closed or inappropriate positionning.