Focus on your business!

Nowadays, corporate photography is undoubtely one of the most crucial elements of the marketing strategy of any business, in terms of communication within a company and with...

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...potential customers. Good quality corporate imagery is used as an element of communication between the company and their employees, their business partners and ultimately their clients and customers. Noticeable and straightforward photographs are crucial for any business to thrive. Businesses also need to understand what attracts potential customers in their market, and in turn how their services and products should be perceived. When chosing a photographer, businesses need a photographer that can understand and execute their objectives to ensure consistency of image and message. Greg D. Photo has years of experience in commercial photography working with clients accross the EU. Whatever your photography needs, enquire today.


Videos are important communication tools as they have strong impacts on the Web and on television (which by the way is being replaced by youtube...

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...where everyone can broadcast), they provide you with a great visibility to reach new customers, connect with your audience to inform them, teach them, celebrate with them. Whether it is for a video to present at a trade show, a training or educational video, a press kit or an advertising video, we will handle and manage the process according to your expectations. We have had the privilege to work on projects ranging from fashion shows to music shows to corporate training and events to weddings. We can help you with your video production needs, all you need is to get in touch here.

Real Estate & Architecture

Real estate photography can be pretty dull. When done right, however, it can bring your room, appartment, house or buiding to life. Our Clients are often surprised to see their properties...

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...exude charm, radiate, with chic elegance. With several years of experience shooting renovation developments, architectural portfolios, staged houses, and other real estate projects, Greg D. Photo will be delighted to fulfill your real estate photography needs.

We capture the World!

We recently completed an awesome fashion project which consisted in shooting a model and wolves. As you may imagine wolves were not...

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...gently waiting for us next door or getting make up by Amanda. We had to adapt and meet them in their natural dwellings, which we greatly enjoyed (you can see the result here). We are very keen to take up new challenges, get out of our comfort zone, discover and capture the beauty of foreign landscapes and creatures. Give us a call or email us from wherever you are, we will handle the logistics, We are always up for new challenges.

We capture your Skills!

If you are a professional and you are serious about your work, you need a professional business portrait that communicates who you are and what you are about. You will need...

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...it for your website, your bio, for your LinkedIn page and other social media profiles. People WILL judge you based on the appearance of your portrait, trying to determine whether you’re trustworthy and likable, whether they want to do business with you or employ you. Selfies,Home-made pictures and worst of all webcam pictures will make you look cheap and unprofesionnal. It will not capture you in the best light, at the best angle, and it will certainly not capture that perfect expression which exudes your personality and which is perfectly consistent with those skillsnyou want to communicate about. These are the things that you should hire Greg D. Photo to do for you, because they are skilled at how to do all of those things! A professionally taken portrait shows people that you care about the details, and how you appear to others. GReg D. Photo team will capture you in a positive light, and create the good first impression.

We release your beauty!

What looks perfect in normal lighting can appear totally different when you have the lights of  a flashing camera on you.  

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To avoid disasters and difficulties, Amanda, our make-up artist ensures you look your best, that your make up and hair fits with the purpose of the shoot, and is adapted to the chosen lighting. She stays up-to-date on the latest trends, products and techniques in hair and makeup. You can see her in action here.